Counseling Services

Distance Counseling

Online counseling can replace traditional office visits when geographical distance or challenging life  circumstances prohibit one's ability to engage in a more traditional counseling approach.  A growing number of clients are using on-line counseling services as a replacement for more traditional face-to-face visits. Distance counseling is particularly helpful for individuals with agoraphobia or hording issues. I'm happy to provide distance counseling services upon request. 

Home Visits

Sometimes treatment protocol requires therapeutic home visits. Fresh Perspectives Counseling is happy to provide these types of services when necessary. A simple phone call to inquire about home visits can open doors for treatment when clients require on-site counseling services. 

Support Groups

Connecting with others who experience similar challenges in life can be an empowering experience which can lead to a stronger recovery and a more positive sense of self. Support groups are being formed at this time for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Hair Pulling Disorders and Skin Picking Disorders. Members can be of all ages. If interested please contact Judy DeKuehn at Fresh Perspectives Counseling. 

Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy Off-Site

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is a necessary component to treatment for OCD. Sometimes ERPs need to be conducted outside the walls of a traditional counseling setting. If this should become necessary, I'm committed to providing appropriate ERP supervision, regardless of location. 

Individual Therapy

Traditional face-to-face counseling is appropriate for a large majority of counseling needs. Fresh Perspectives Counseling is just a phone call away.